You can add tasks from 3 different places:

  • From the ADD A TASK button on the top left of the Tasks screen
    By clicking the "ADD TASK" button, the newly created task would be added to the top of the tasks list and the focus would be put on the title input field allowing you to immediately define the name of the task
  • From a TASK LINE
    You can right-click on a task line and select "Add task" in order to add a subtask to the selected task.

Adding a list of tasks

From the ADD A LIST OF TASKS button on the top left of the tasks screen or the TASK LINE you can also choose the option ADD A LIST OF TASKS.

This will allow you to create a list of tasks, with subtasks if needed, in one click.

Once you clicked on this button, you would be given a text area where you can put the list of tasks you want to create.

Write down the title of each task you want to add, one task per line. You can directly create subtasks by inserting "--" in front of the task title. To create a second level of subtasks, double the sign like in the example below:

Parent task
--Child of "Parent task"
----Child of "Child of "Parent task""
Next task
--Child of "Next task"

Click the ADD TASK LIST button and all your tasks are created.

The number of levels of subtasks is unlimited. Organize your tasks like you want!

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