On each task, you can track the time you worked on it. 

For this, go to the Task details page and find the button "ADD TIME WORKED".

Click on it and enter: 

  • Who worked on it
  • When
  • How much time (this field uses the same shortcuts than task estimation fields)

If the task is not yet "done" or doesn't have children, you will also find a checkbox to "Mark task done". If you activate it and "ADD TIME WORKED" the task would be marked as done at the same time than the working time is saved.

Once you logged time on a task, you'll see the list of the tracked working time in the panel.

A total line indicates you the total number of hours logged.

In case the task has children and that one or more of these children has time tracked, the lines would be reported on the parent task and look disabled.

This allows you to see the total time tracked for a group of tasks.

On the list of work time tracked, you can Delete a tracked time by clicking the trash icon on the right side of the line or go to the children Task detail page if it is a child line.

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